Sunday, October 2, 2011

Les Visible In The Cross Hairs

It has been awhile since the last post and I thought it was time for another one. I feel the need to get my moneys worth even though this is free.

I don't read too many other blogs mainly because there are so many of them and the ones I do read, are tough enough to keep up with. I guess I blog at my own speed and I am comfortable with that. That being said, I am blogging this time to get myself out of a complacent comfort zone. 
For as much as I bitch about the hard times I've been through, I have this self righteous attitude that I corner the market on suffering. Well. I have to repent for that because there are people who have had it worse and going through it right now. People who are much better than I as a person or a human being, are suffering needlessly and without mercy.

I had to clear that up first and be accountable and establish some credibility. This is the reason why. I wish to stand up for Les Visible. The author of these blogs: Smoking Mirrors, Reflections In A Petri Dish, Visible Origami, Profiles In Evil, Les Visible, and Visible Stream Of Consciousness. There are more articles pending all the time. 

I have been following Visibles work for some time. A very interesting person with a penchant for learning and following his heart and  for all intents and purposes, Visible is a hippy from the 60's who seems to have been stuck there.  I consider him a brave man for taking up his cross and speaking about very volatile and politically incorrect subjects. Being the intellectual and truth teller as he is, well, he just tell it like it is. He calls it for what it is. 

Visible allows comments by viewers of his blogs. There are usually thirty or forty comments per article. This particular article published on his Reflection In A Petri Dish called, " SOTT In The Cross Hairs", really opened up the floodgates of comments and to his Gmail account.

At last check, there were over one hundred comments. He received very nasty emails from people he knows, people he does not know, and from people whom he thought were his friends and supporters. SOTT is an acronym for Signs Of The Times. I have heard of it but since there are hundreds of sites, I rarely gave it any thought. I am pretty sure some or most of you already know this site and I will not go into detail since you can go there yourselves. 

So, what caused this uproar to the point that Les Visible has lost sleep over? It has caused him to going into a kind of dazed and confused stupor. Something that he is not used to or comfortable with. 

SOTT is located in France and their webmaster/publishers were targeted as a cult by French Authorities. Mr. Visible has met and knows these people personally. Although Mr. Visible knows these people, he does not always agree with everything they say. Just like we all do and that is a given. 

In his response to negative comments about SOTT, he pleaded for commentators to "Give them One More Chance". If anything, the comments got worse and his inbox full of hate mail from what I gather. 

This has been on my mind for a week since it happened. Of all things to blog about, why am I going on about someone I don't even know? Well, for one thing, Mr. Visible is a good man with an open and honest heart. He hides nothing from his readers, not even personal problems. Last year he suffered from a urinary tract infection and I believe, passed a stone through his system. My dad went through it years ago and I remember he cried like a baby. The pain is simply horrible.

But back to Les Visible. His plea to his followers/commentators about "Giving them one more chance", really stands out to me. It is not anything really special nor any epiphany, just a simple plea for forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is something I have a hard time with. I guess that's the reason it is on my mind. As a matter of fact, I say that to myself when I am alone, which is most of the time. I am consciously aware of forgiving others, or the lacking to forgive. 

Which brings me to a thought I just now have. If all those people lashed out in anger over SOTT, they need to forgive them and give them another chance. What would Jesus do? Forgive. 

Apparently you are not alone, Les. You got in the Cross Hairs for defending your friends and you took the heat for it just like a good friend does. And as I recall saying in his comments, 

"Maybe you opened up a door that needs to be opened and are taking some brutal punches for it?"

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