Saturday, November 26, 2011

To Drink, Or Not To Drink

Back again from taking a writer's cramp hiatus. That's a euphemism for "I was too lazy to think about shit to write". Hell, I am not even a writer, but I enjoy drinking beer. A lot of us enjoy beer and this wonderful beverage has been around for thousands of years. So, we must be doing something right if we have a relationship with brewing, wouldn't you say?

Some people do not drink anything with alcohol for different reasons. Some can not handle it. Some have personal and religious beliefs in regards to abstaining from it. It becomes for some people, a moral issue.

Therein, lies the problem. Back in the day, there was a Temperance Movement to practically abolish the manufacture of alcohol and its sale to the public. The darling of the movement back then, was little Carry Nation. Alcohol consumption was the recreational drug of the day. Before that, was opium and usually smoked in opium houses of that time. Then along came Prohibition.

However, there was more to it than just a morality issue by the abstainers. People had distilleries in their houses, barns, bath tubs, sinks, washboards, etc. Not only could this be consumed by people, but also their cars. This was an alternative fuel to gasoline. That was the real reason for Prohibition. And the same for the marijuana and hemp. Hemp was a threat to the petrochemical industry, namely, The Dupont Family.

Back to the drinking issue. People who abstain for personal reasons have every right to do so. It is their right. It is also a right to consume it as well. Some people have a legitimate reason to abstain and even join support groups such as AA, otherwise known as Alcoholics Anonymous. The support group has replaced their addiction for the AA belief system. It's a religion to them and this is where it becomes an issue with me.

Have you ever heard someone rant and rave about their new found love or religion? Have you noticed how they have become morally superior to you because you are not one of them?

I have a relative who does not drink and is proud of it. This person brags while looking up to heaven as if to get divine approval. This person attends a church fellowship to renew their weekly dose of religion. However, this person lacks the everyday graces such as manners, courtesy, kindness, and most importantly, love.

This person is drunk on the high of moral superiority, self worshipness, arrogance, and deep hatred.

If I didn't know better, that seems a lot like narcissism.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Les Visible In The Cross Hairs

It has been awhile since the last post and I thought it was time for another one. I feel the need to get my moneys worth even though this is free.

I don't read too many other blogs mainly because there are so many of them and the ones I do read, are tough enough to keep up with. I guess I blog at my own speed and I am comfortable with that. That being said, I am blogging this time to get myself out of a complacent comfort zone. 
For as much as I bitch about the hard times I've been through, I have this self righteous attitude that I corner the market on suffering. Well. I have to repent for that because there are people who have had it worse and going through it right now. People who are much better than I as a person or a human being, are suffering needlessly and without mercy.

I had to clear that up first and be accountable and establish some credibility. This is the reason why. I wish to stand up for Les Visible. The author of these blogs: Smoking Mirrors, Reflections In A Petri Dish, Visible Origami, Profiles In Evil, Les Visible, and Visible Stream Of Consciousness. There are more articles pending all the time. 

I have been following Visibles work for some time. A very interesting person with a penchant for learning and following his heart and  for all intents and purposes, Visible is a hippy from the 60's who seems to have been stuck there.  I consider him a brave man for taking up his cross and speaking about very volatile and politically incorrect subjects. Being the intellectual and truth teller as he is, well, he just tell it like it is. He calls it for what it is. 

Visible allows comments by viewers of his blogs. There are usually thirty or forty comments per article. This particular article published on his Reflection In A Petri Dish called, " SOTT In The Cross Hairs", really opened up the floodgates of comments and to his Gmail account.

At last check, there were over one hundred comments. He received very nasty emails from people he knows, people he does not know, and from people whom he thought were his friends and supporters. SOTT is an acronym for Signs Of The Times. I have heard of it but since there are hundreds of sites, I rarely gave it any thought. I am pretty sure some or most of you already know this site and I will not go into detail since you can go there yourselves. 

So, what caused this uproar to the point that Les Visible has lost sleep over? It has caused him to going into a kind of dazed and confused stupor. Something that he is not used to or comfortable with. 

SOTT is located in France and their webmaster/publishers were targeted as a cult by French Authorities. Mr. Visible has met and knows these people personally. Although Mr. Visible knows these people, he does not always agree with everything they say. Just like we all do and that is a given. 

In his response to negative comments about SOTT, he pleaded for commentators to "Give them One More Chance". If anything, the comments got worse and his inbox full of hate mail from what I gather. 

This has been on my mind for a week since it happened. Of all things to blog about, why am I going on about someone I don't even know? Well, for one thing, Mr. Visible is a good man with an open and honest heart. He hides nothing from his readers, not even personal problems. Last year he suffered from a urinary tract infection and I believe, passed a stone through his system. My dad went through it years ago and I remember he cried like a baby. The pain is simply horrible.

But back to Les Visible. His plea to his followers/commentators about "Giving them one more chance", really stands out to me. It is not anything really special nor any epiphany, just a simple plea for forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is something I have a hard time with. I guess that's the reason it is on my mind. As a matter of fact, I say that to myself when I am alone, which is most of the time. I am consciously aware of forgiving others, or the lacking to forgive. 

Which brings me to a thought I just now have. If all those people lashed out in anger over SOTT, they need to forgive them and give them another chance. What would Jesus do? Forgive. 

Apparently you are not alone, Les. You got in the Cross Hairs for defending your friends and you took the heat for it just like a good friend does. And as I recall saying in his comments, 

"Maybe you opened up a door that needs to be opened and are taking some brutal punches for it?"

End Transmission:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just A Third World Country Boy

Okay, it's been a couple of months since I last blogged. I was just reading some of my crap and noticed so grammatical errors. I'm not sweating it since I really don't think anybody reads this anyways.

In most third world countries, homeless people are a given. They are always subject to the whims of plague, famine, wars, civil wars, depressed economies, drought, etc. America, is also heading in that category too. We are no longer the nation with the highest standard of living. 

I picked the title as a play on words like on that game show, Wheel of Fortune. Yes, you heard about it. The show with that skinny model that is paid millions just to push buttons on a letter. I think her name is Vanna? 

Well, I'm just a third world country boy, at heart and I thank God for it too. I say that because my dad was a simple man and really didn't care for the finer things in life, just his children. My dad grew up poor during The Great Depression and being part of the Tiwa tribe from Texas, that made him accustom to the hardships of the time. Many indigenous tribes in their concentration camps, I mean, Reservations, live like those in third world countries. These people have already acclimated. So, with that background, I too am following the footsteps like my dad. Although a simple man with an eighth grade education, he was an avid reader, civil worker, tax preparer, and an ace mechanic.

As for the finer things in life, he loved the simple things it had. His family, bar hopping, gambling, beer, baseball, reading about conspiracies and in his own way, a consumer advocate. He really enjoyed the work of Ralph Nader. He also liked to take the family car on weekend camping trips without too much gear or equipment and just rough it. That is the mentality I have now. 
I live in a state of perpetual camping which I attribute to homelessness. It is always there in the back of my mind. I also live in a state of fear and panic. One of the memorable quotes from the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption", Morgan Freeman portrays a prisoner. He said, "It's a terrible thing to live in fear".  I think about that line and say the same thing to myself. Never knowing what will happen next, Who is the next person that is going to harrass you, Why is that person looking at you that way? How much gas is left in the car? How do you make twenty dollars last? If you died, who would know and who would even care?

How truly lonely it can be in a world full of people not far from you? It is a stark contrast between a true survival situation like being lost in the forest with no food or your car broke down in the middle of the desert. How utterly sad when there are people around but nobody wants to help. It is no different than being stranded on a deserted island. The truth is, people have deserted their fellow man.

A third world country boy, can survive.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Down an out in America

Last night I was speaking to a good friend and sharing my life while at Mcdonalds to use their
free wifi and having a cup of senior coffee.

He read my blog and said I was a good writer. I was very honored since he is a school teacher and enjoying the brief summer break.

We are getting together to make music and make up for a misunderstanding and the years that got between us. He is great guy with a child like exuberance and is very understanding and supportive. 
When I told him of my past year of moving from place to place, uncertainty and homelessness, he was almost at a loss for words. The subject of homelessness makes most people who are use to the comforts of home, uneasy. Americans who have not yet felt the sting of this contrived economic disaster, had better be prepared. We used to be a culture with a can do attitude. We used to face disasters and hardship come hell or high water. This wartime Airforce Motto was standard talk of the day.

The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.

We are going to have to prepare ourselves with an Eye Of The Tiger mentality if we are to survive not just as Americans, but as human beings.

It seems that when one falls on hard times, the blame is on ourselves as to why we failed. To add further guilt is hearing the condemnation of family, friends, peers, social groups like churches. All of whom we thought were are support group. Losing your house, job, finances, car and everything else is surely a sign from God that you simply did not have enough faith. That seems to be the thinking of the polluted, self righteous, fault finding Christians who have equated moneyed success with God smiling down on his anointed blessed. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Pat Robertson said that was God's punishment to an area that celebrates Mardi Gra or other pagan practices. I mentioned in previous blogs about Katrina being steered to hit land. We have the technology and I firmly believe it was so then, and now.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust. It just happens because nothing in this life is guaranteed or promised. It just happens. Shit happens as simple as that. People are quick to blame your failure because you offended God or whatever, or you did not attend Sunday school as often as you should have, or you stole that candy when nobody was watching. The blame goes on and on.

I remember what my friend said years ago, that he would like to make it as a human being and be content with that. The subject came up when I said I would like to be a successful musician artist one day. My friend had the wisdom and the gifted thought to say that back then. He is so right. I would just like to make it from one day to the next with my health intact, my fingers and toes, well, at least most of them.
That is a success story.

This is the wisdom of being homeless. Appreciating life, and what little blessings that come with it, be it food, a cup of coffee, using the toilet and washrooms in Mcdonalds.  I met a poor couple that were living in their car and recently married. I gave them ten dollars and when I left the parking lot at Flying J's, I missed them right of way. These poor people were my family I still think about them. They were parked in the stall next to mine. So were a lot of other people who were in the same homeless situation I was in. I wish I had the married couple's mobile number to keep in touch with them. I made friends with them since we were all in the same boat. I feel connected to the poor and disenfranchised. I am one of them, they are a part of me.

Here's food for thought.

When someone hits bottom or the end, according to Webster's Dictionary it is defined as..
"point of beginning".

Lately I have listening to Queen's " Under Pressure". I feel it has relevance to what I am talking about. Listen to it on youtube if you get a chance. I will attempt to put it here on the blog. I am rusty on my coding skills but, I will give it a shot.

Peace to All.....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's Go Camping

The Rapture came and went without so much as a whimper. 
Except to those that followed multifailure profit, oops, I mean, prophet, Harold Camping.

I feel sorry for those who follow or followed him. I used to believe in all of that fear mongering crap.
For me, it all started in the 60's with the arrival of the Jesus thing. As a Catholic and Hispanic from a large family, I already knew about Jesus or thought I did.

Like many Catholics in those days there was a migration from the Church to other alternative faith systems. In my case it was the Pentecostal movement along with it's many subcults such as 
The Oneness Church.etc. One of the memorable events was the worship music. Loud, obnoxious, crazy, and out of control. The most captivating event was the so called, Toronto Blessing.

This is when a follower, or should I say, "faller", receives the holy ghost. The receiver manifests their faith by follow on the floor and spinning around like a madman, screams and cries in undecypherable tongues and other types of physical activities. All of this happens when a crowd is cheering on and with the loud and obnoxious music playing.

Years later after reflection and soul searching, It dawned on me after true conviction and prayer, that the activities mentioned above, are associated when a person is emotionally traumatized, enticed, coerced, and manipulated into a nervous breakdown. The same happens when a suspect is brought into police headquarters and placed under the light and questioned. These same techniques are used by the CIA and other covert operations secretly. This same activity is used by Voodoo witch doctors to enable their patients into health and well being while our Western  upbringing views this as primitive and satanic behavior.
Obviously, the laugh is on us. 

I had several of these breakdowns back then. I was miserable,confused, and unhappy growing up to begin with and this cult did not help any at all. I thought I was going insane in addition to going to hell. All of these fears where worsened when I tried to ask for help and prayer by those same followers. I got the same vague answers and criticised further for not allowing my inner spirit go deeper into the experience. The truth was, I was scared to go any further with the experience of the Toronto Blessing or whatever it was. 

My God given inner voice was telling me not to do this. These people were trying to get me to experience a trance and satanic possession. I am sure these people were blind or totally ignorant what was going on. I will admit that the programming, fear, and mindlock, still lingered until perhaps, ten years ago. That!, is a long time to living in fear, self hatred, insecurity, guilt.etc.

The Movement also got in with the Hippy movement which was already infiltrated by Timothy Leary of the LSD movement and Tavistoc Institute.

When I read a blog about a woman that shared her experience of incest and rape, I was not moved or even cared. 
Even worse, the condemning thoughts of perpetual victimhood came in. 
I am sorry for that and want to say thank you to that woman who opened the door to talk about things in our past that are hurtful and devastating. I was molested too as a child by a stranger.

I am sure there are many Harold Campings and they live amongst us, even in our own families.

I blame the Zionist movement of the 1800's for infiltrating Christians with pervasive thoughts and books like the Scofield Bible. This is still going on and many good Christians/Gentiles are suffering 
needlessly by the reshaping of our minds and belief systems. I blame the Zionist movement for the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza. 

My dad was right all along when he should me a book called, "None Dare Call it TREASON".

My dear bloggers, the minds you have already, are probably not your own. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Perhaps I should have mentioned another man made machine. One that is gleaming with human pride as it stands in comparison to the Pyramids of Giza.

That is the Large Hadron Collider or LHC.

This is the largest machine ever built and has the possibility of destroying the entire planet.

Perhaps it already has or at least is in the process. Imagine that, a machine that replicates the very birth pangs of our universe.

There was speculation of it producing a proto-universe, which like a cancerous parasite, would consume Earth.

There is also speculation of it somehow warping time.

There were problems during the initial tests too. Large amounts of liquid coolant were leaking.

Some speculated that future visitors from the LHC time generator came to sabotage it.

Maybe it was Nikola Tesla himself?

When the earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis hit Japan in March, I kept my mouth shut about what may have caused it. After about a week later after holding my breath that long, (cough) I read an article about HAARP. Something I have read about already.

That stands for High Altitude Auroric Research Project.

In Alaska, there are arrays of antennaes that project radio waves into the atmosphere. Like short wave radio waves, they can skip or bounce all over the globe.

They can also be directed into the Earth and the results can be devastating.

This is nothing new. This was proven and achieved in the early 1900's era by
the genius of geniuses, Nikola Tesla.

Then we have the worse tornado season since the last fifty years or so.

That made me wonder about HAARP too.

I also remember reading and seeing pictures from space about hurricane Katrina.

Katrina seemed to act as if it had a mind of its own.

I thought about HAARP.

This is my first post on this blog just to prime it up.

Or should I get a HAARP subscription?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Day In The Fabric Of Slime

I feel obligated to say something here by some form of cosmic compulsion.

Indeed the world is in a frightening state of transition. There is mass confusion, fear, disinformation coming from the so-called mainstream that supposedly tells us what to do.

Oh, did I say "What to do"? Yes, I did.

I laugh with embarrassment when I hear people say"I'm doing my own thing". I heard that same chatter from my 60's days and the one consistent truth is, that people do not change.

Yet, everybody is doing "Their Thing", in other words, humanity has gone Viral.

When the No Carbohydrates diet hit, everybody stopped eating bread, which hurt the bread industry to some degree.  

I have seen seemingly educated people buy into that and it just dawned on me, once again, that people do not change. They are and can, be easily manipulated by the media.

If Oprah said it, it's gospel. Approved and Oprahfied by the queen of mass deception, herself.

I have heard women quote Oprah in social gathering like church and business meetings.

Oprah has replaced Jesus as a belief system. 

When the Beatles' John Lennon told the press they were in fact more popular than Christ, they were banned and their records burned. John Lennon was being his usual honest self with no thought of the repercussions later.

But, the burnings and the protests continued.

Nobody has the courage or the will to self exam their own hearts anymore.

Nobody has the will or enthusiasm to ask themselves, " I have a reasonable doubt".

Self examination has been replaced by the deception on TV, American Idol, Ipods, Youtube. etc.

Even in these blogs which I review from time to time, these people are self absorbed including myself.

I have to question what is going on inside of me. My beliefs, interests, and what goes on in life,
are on the line.

To Blog or not to Blog.

A question with no answer.