Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's Go Camping

The Rapture came and went without so much as a whimper. 
Except to those that followed multifailure profit, oops, I mean, prophet, Harold Camping.

I feel sorry for those who follow or followed him. I used to believe in all of that fear mongering crap.
For me, it all started in the 60's with the arrival of the Jesus thing. As a Catholic and Hispanic from a large family, I already knew about Jesus or thought I did.

Like many Catholics in those days there was a migration from the Church to other alternative faith systems. In my case it was the Pentecostal movement along with it's many subcults such as 
The Oneness Church.etc. One of the memorable events was the worship music. Loud, obnoxious, crazy, and out of control. The most captivating event was the so called, Toronto Blessing.

This is when a follower, or should I say, "faller", receives the holy ghost. The receiver manifests their faith by follow on the floor and spinning around like a madman, screams and cries in undecypherable tongues and other types of physical activities. All of this happens when a crowd is cheering on and with the loud and obnoxious music playing.

Years later after reflection and soul searching, It dawned on me after true conviction and prayer, that the activities mentioned above, are associated when a person is emotionally traumatized, enticed, coerced, and manipulated into a nervous breakdown. The same happens when a suspect is brought into police headquarters and placed under the light and questioned. These same techniques are used by the CIA and other covert operations secretly. This same activity is used by Voodoo witch doctors to enable their patients into health and well being while our Western  upbringing views this as primitive and satanic behavior.
Obviously, the laugh is on us. 

I had several of these breakdowns back then. I was miserable,confused, and unhappy growing up to begin with and this cult did not help any at all. I thought I was going insane in addition to going to hell. All of these fears where worsened when I tried to ask for help and prayer by those same followers. I got the same vague answers and criticised further for not allowing my inner spirit go deeper into the experience. The truth was, I was scared to go any further with the experience of the Toronto Blessing or whatever it was. 

My God given inner voice was telling me not to do this. These people were trying to get me to experience a trance and satanic possession. I am sure these people were blind or totally ignorant what was going on. I will admit that the programming, fear, and mindlock, still lingered until perhaps, ten years ago. That!, is a long time to living in fear, self hatred, insecurity, guilt.etc.

The Movement also got in with the Hippy movement which was already infiltrated by Timothy Leary of the LSD movement and Tavistoc Institute.

When I read a blog about a woman that shared her experience of incest and rape, I was not moved or even cared. 
Even worse, the condemning thoughts of perpetual victimhood came in. 
I am sorry for that and want to say thank you to that woman who opened the door to talk about things in our past that are hurtful and devastating. I was molested too as a child by a stranger.

I am sure there are many Harold Campings and they live amongst us, even in our own families.

I blame the Zionist movement of the 1800's for infiltrating Christians with pervasive thoughts and books like the Scofield Bible. This is still going on and many good Christians/Gentiles are suffering 
needlessly by the reshaping of our minds and belief systems. I blame the Zionist movement for the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza. 

My dad was right all along when he should me a book called, "None Dare Call it TREASON".

My dear bloggers, the minds you have already, are probably not your own. 

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