Monday, May 30, 2011

Perhaps I should have mentioned another man made machine. One that is gleaming with human pride as it stands in comparison to the Pyramids of Giza.

That is the Large Hadron Collider or LHC.

This is the largest machine ever built and has the possibility of destroying the entire planet.

Perhaps it already has or at least is in the process. Imagine that, a machine that replicates the very birth pangs of our universe.

There was speculation of it producing a proto-universe, which like a cancerous parasite, would consume Earth.

There is also speculation of it somehow warping time.

There were problems during the initial tests too. Large amounts of liquid coolant were leaking.

Some speculated that future visitors from the LHC time generator came to sabotage it.

Maybe it was Nikola Tesla himself?

When the earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis hit Japan in March, I kept my mouth shut about what may have caused it. After about a week later after holding my breath that long, (cough) I read an article about HAARP. Something I have read about already.

That stands for High Altitude Auroric Research Project.

In Alaska, there are arrays of antennaes that project radio waves into the atmosphere. Like short wave radio waves, they can skip or bounce all over the globe.

They can also be directed into the Earth and the results can be devastating.

This is nothing new. This was proven and achieved in the early 1900's era by
the genius of geniuses, Nikola Tesla.

Then we have the worse tornado season since the last fifty years or so.

That made me wonder about HAARP too.

I also remember reading and seeing pictures from space about hurricane Katrina.

Katrina seemed to act as if it had a mind of its own.

I thought about HAARP.

This is my first post on this blog just to prime it up.

Or should I get a HAARP subscription?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Day In The Fabric Of Slime

I feel obligated to say something here by some form of cosmic compulsion.

Indeed the world is in a frightening state of transition. There is mass confusion, fear, disinformation coming from the so-called mainstream that supposedly tells us what to do.

Oh, did I say "What to do"? Yes, I did.

I laugh with embarrassment when I hear people say"I'm doing my own thing". I heard that same chatter from my 60's days and the one consistent truth is, that people do not change.

Yet, everybody is doing "Their Thing", in other words, humanity has gone Viral.

When the No Carbohydrates diet hit, everybody stopped eating bread, which hurt the bread industry to some degree.  

I have seen seemingly educated people buy into that and it just dawned on me, once again, that people do not change. They are and can, be easily manipulated by the media.

If Oprah said it, it's gospel. Approved and Oprahfied by the queen of mass deception, herself.

I have heard women quote Oprah in social gathering like church and business meetings.

Oprah has replaced Jesus as a belief system. 

When the Beatles' John Lennon told the press they were in fact more popular than Christ, they were banned and their records burned. John Lennon was being his usual honest self with no thought of the repercussions later.

But, the burnings and the protests continued.

Nobody has the courage or the will to self exam their own hearts anymore.

Nobody has the will or enthusiasm to ask themselves, " I have a reasonable doubt".

Self examination has been replaced by the deception on TV, American Idol, Ipods, Youtube. etc.

Even in these blogs which I review from time to time, these people are self absorbed including myself.

I have to question what is going on inside of me. My beliefs, interests, and what goes on in life,
are on the line.

To Blog or not to Blog.

A question with no answer.